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Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions:

Quality lash extensions are an investment!

If you are not concerned with quality or safety & simply want a cheap lash service, then we recommend scheduling elsewhere.

We have very high standards for everything we use on our clients. Sadly, most lashes and adhesives out there are subpar & lead to problems.

We are currently the only facility in Kansas City that uses our specialty adhesive, and we are excited to bring this safer and more effective product to the Midwest! Clients who had previously suffered with bad reactions to their extensions have been able to successfully wear their beautiful lashes once again.

In addition to our high quality adhesive & lashes, we also take the time to analyze each natural lash to ensure only the most appropriate weight & length of extensions are applied. Plus, our sophisticated ombré Mermaid Lashing is one of a kind!

We offer 4 types of extensions:

Partial Extensions – extensions on outer 1/3 of each eye

Pictures coming soon!

Natural Extensions – subtle shape enhancement + additional length

Dramatic Extensions -noticeable shape & length enhancements + subtle increase in volume

Dramatic Extension Examples:

Hybrid Extensions – same as dramatic but more noticeable increase in volume

Pictures coming soon!

*If your lashes are sparse or you desire a fuller/higher impact look, then we recommend Dramatic or Hybrid sets

*If you are looking for a change in shape or simply want more length, then we recommend a Natural set

*If you don’t have time for a lengthy full set application but still want to enhance your eye area, then we recommend a Partial set

Mermaid Lashes are single color ombré details added in with your regular lash extensions. Our goal is to create a subtle and beautiful look where the color is not overtly noticeable, but instead compliments and enhances your natural eye color…we are not looking to create crazy clown eyes!

Options: Brown, red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow

Mermaid Lash Examples:


Lash appointments may be scheduled online & are currently available on Tuesdays & Friday’s. Please use online booking site here, or text me at 913-215-1980


Our lash extension services are priced at an hourly rate to accommodate for everyone’s different lash needs.

For a limited time, lash extension services will be discounted by 50% as I continue to hone my skills & work to increase my speed. This is a great opportunity to start enjoying this amazing eye enhancement service!

Regular Lashing Rates (before 50% off)

New Full Set Application Pricing: $90/hour

Approximate Full Set Timeframes:

Partial Full Set takes 1.5 hours
Natural Full Set takes appx 2.5 hours
Dramatic & Hybrid Full Sets take appx 3+ hours

Mermaid Lash Full Set Add-On = $30

Lash Fill Appointment Pricing: $65/hour

Approximate Fill Timeframes:

Partial & Natural@4-10 Days = 45 min – 1 hr
Partial & Natural@11-16 Days = 1 – 2 hrs
Partial & Natural@17-23 Days = 2+ hrs

Dramatic & Hybrid@4-10 Days = 1 hr
Dramatic & Hybrid@11-16 Days = 1.5-2.5 hrs
Dramatic & Hybrid@17-23 Days = 2.5+ hrs

Mermaid Lash Fill Add-On = $15

My goal is to shorten my overall times while not compromising on the quality of my work. Once I have accomplished this I will start charging the regular rates.


Please arrive with absolutely no eye makeup & freshly cleaned eyes. If you wear contacts you will need to remove them for the application process.

Talking and movement is of the devil at a lash appt so we recommend taking a lash nap or bringing ear pods and listening to a book or podcast, etc. during the service….2-3 hours is a long time to lay still!

You will need to avoid water on lashes for 24 hours after appt

While wearing extensions, you need to avoid products that contain oil on both your face & eyes

With extensions you cannot use mascara or traditional eyeliner (using eyeshadow as liner is ok!)

When sleeping with extensions, you should avoid positions that put pressure on lashes – sleeping on back is best for Skin & lashes!

It is essential to cleanse lashes at least every other day & I recommend purchasing the product I have here that is especially designed for this ($15).

I will send you home with a mascara wand that you will use to brush them out every morning

Everyone naturally sheds 2-5 lashes/day, so everyday you will lose some of your extensions as the lashes they are attached to come out with the shedding cycle. To maintain your lash extensions it is recommended to come in at some point every 1-3 weeks for a fill appointment so we can replace the ones that have shed and keep your lashes looking great. This appt can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on how many lashes need replaced

The more time between appts = more cost for fills since there are more lashes to refill.

If you have additional questions please let me know. I look forward to helping you achieve your best lashes ever!

To make an appointment, please call us at 913-215-1980 or fill out our web form!