Kansas City Skin Care | Clinical Custom Facials
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Clinical Custom Facials

Enzyme Facial Treatment: 50 – 60 minutes (first time 60-90 minutes)

This is a clinical level facial that utilizes low percentage chemical exfoliation ingredients and active digestive enzymes to stimulate skin at a deeper level than what is typically achieved with traditional facials. It is a very unique combination of both ingredients and techniques.  Our team loves Enzymes because of how much we learn about your skin during the treatment, and clients love Enzymes because they are a perfect blend of relaxation and correction.  In addition to the amazing ingredients we use, there is also a hand/arm massage, a specific time frame for performing extraction work, and a soothing ice or steam mask application.
Afterwards, there will be no “downtime” and skin will feel polished and refreshed.  All skin types may enjoy this service and it can be done as often as 3 times a month as a stand-alone treatment.  Often we will use Enzyme services as part of a comprehensive skin treatment package.  This is one of our most popular services for clients before a big event where radiant skin is a must, such as: wedding receptions/wedding party, high school reunions, important evening functions, or a big date!  Two Enzyme Treatments are required before peels may be scheduled.


C.A.R.E.- O! Facial Treatment: 45 minutes

This is an original treatment developed by Kenlee, and it is exclusively found right here at Kenlee’s Skin Shop.  The list of improvements it provides to the skin are almost too numerous to list…but we’ll try!  Our main objective is to treat skin at a deeper level, create a noticeable difference in the skin (even after a single treatment), be a “no downtime” experience, and can be customized for all skin types.  Everyone knows that Kenlee loves a great peel, but she recognizes that sometimes it can be inconvenient to have your face falling off, and there are some instances where a peel isn’t a great option due to a particular skin condition or while pregnant/nursing etc.

The Care-O! treatment has a combination of 8 different acids, several anti-oxidants, many healing herbs and is a free-radical fighting machine.  In addition to all the wonderful ingredients there is also a relaxing hand and arm massage.  This entire treatment is designed to take 45 minutes, so for those of you who run on tight schedules you can still sneak in to take “Care” of your skin.

Important information:  When you leave the appointment your skin will be very shiny, it can also be red and warm which can last for awhile after the treatment.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

To make an appointment, please call us at 913-215-1980 or fill out our web form!