Kansas City Skin Care | Custom Facials
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Custom Facials

Seasonal Facial with Oleha: 60 minutes
$90 in season/$110 out of season

Spring: Flower Power
Summer: Bright & Beautiful
Fall: Pumpkin Pamper
Winter: Cherry Chocolate Delight


This is the facial for pure relaxation and glowing skin. Lay back and enjoy the luxury of the finest professional products applied in conjunction with a full arm, hand, lower leg and foot massage. Relaxation is a must and there is a strict “no talking” rule during this service. Your skin will be treated with active but gentle steps for complete cleansing, exfoliation, masking and serum applications.  The result is wonderful skin rejuvenation and a face that looks and feels amazing.  As with all treatments here at Kenlee’s Skin Shop, each and every step uses only the highest quality ingredients. This service can be done as often as you and your skin need to be pampered.  Our Seasonal Facials are always 15% off for clients in a treatment plan package!

Deep Pore Cleanse: 45 – 60 minutes

Sometimes called an “extraction treatment”, the focus is on the removal of debris from the face. During the treatment your skin will experience a deep, stimulating exfoliation process, professionally administered extractions, and end with a soothing steam or cooling ice mask. The Deep Pore Cleanse is a straightforward service with the objective of cleaning out as many pores as possible. This can be done as a stand-alone treatment on a regular basis, or utilized as part of a custom treatment plan.

Teenzyme Treatment (ages 12-17): 45 – 60 minutes

The Teenzyme Treatment is very similar to our regular Enzyme Treatment, but has been modified to be more appropriate for their unique skin. This service targets typical adolescent skin conditions such as mild to moderate acne, blackheads, and discolorations. We are also happy to provide skin education and specific product recommendations to our younger clientele so they can have the necessary knowledge and tools to properly care for their skin.

To make an appointment, please call us at 913-215-1980 or fill out our web form!