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About Kenlee’s Skin Shop

kenleeWhen you decide to come to Kenlee’s Skin Shop you have made a decision to take your skin to the next level. We offer a variety of treatments to compliment each skin type. Kenlee has a wonderful reputation in Arizona, Missouri and now Kansas City for repairing skin and she firmly believes in treating the cause and not the symptom. From your first visit you will receive a comprehensive skin analysis and a thorough explanation of what is going on with your skin. Her regular facial treatments are the perfect combination of being both relaxing and educational, and her clinical treatments produce the results clients are often seeking, but rarely find. She excels at treating sun damage, acne, dermatitis, and has even developed her own rosacea protocols enabling her clients to stop taking those antibiotics and topical prescriptions once and for all. Kenlee’s extensive knowledge and research and dedication is what sets her apart from the typical day spa setting.

Through extensive experimenting and researching, we have become a leader in customized skin care solutions. Our custom made facial programs have provided swift and positive results to many satisfied customers, winning their trust and helping them to regain their confidence once again. Our services are professional and up to date, and we’re equipped with the latest technology and skills in the skin care industry. You’ll feel safe in our hands as you see your skin restore its natural youthfulness and in you, your self-confidence!



My name is pronounced O-lee-hah, which means Little Fawn. I’ve been somewhat obsessed with skin since I was 14, when I started noticing my own occasional problems. As I got into my mid to late 20’s, my skin became even more acneic, and I tried just about everything. I stumbled upon Kenlee and immediately we created a business relationship.. As we continued our venture, and my skin got healthier, we decided that sending me to Esthetics school was the next step in growing her Skin Shop enterprise. What a journey and learning experience it’s been! This is the most gratifying career a girl could have. There is an extreme amount of detail, thought, physiology and chemical understanding that goes into every step that we do, of every service. This attention to detail for each client always keeps my brain firing on all cylinders, which is so much fun! The rewards of happy, healthy skin and happy clients is beyond rewarding.  Though skin is not my only obsession, just my main one. I love love love fitness! All types in fact: yoga, martial arts, crosstraining, TRX, boxing, trail running, touch rugby, almost anything. In fact, I’m also a personal trainer and group fitness trainer in Waldo/Prairie Village. I like to think of myself as not only a skin healer, but also a body sculptor.



Hi!  My name is Jenn Summers, and I’m very excited to be starting my Esthetics career at Kenlee’s Skin Shop!  After spending over 20-years in the corporate world as an insurance underwriter, I’m ready to pursue a career I’m passionate about – helping others feel great in their skin! On a more personal note…I was born and raised in Olathe, KS, and still reside there with my husband, Jeff, and our 4-legged canine daughters, Zoey (a Miniature Pinscher), and Roxy (a Boxer).  I also have a son, who is a Marine and currently stationed in Washington, DC, as part of the Presidential Color Guard; a daughter who is currently researching her career options; and two step-daughters – one who is headed off to Weber State to play Div. I volleyball, and the other who will be finishing her high school career this year.  I’ve been interested in makeup, skincare and making others look and feel pretty since before I was a teen.  Over the years, I have grown to appreciate the scientific side of it.  I guess that explains why I love to give chemical peels! I look forward to meeting everyone in the treatment room and helping you to achieve your skincare goals.


To make an appointment, please call us at 913-938-3685 or fill out our web form!